Your property in New York’s best hands.


At MVNY, we offer effective management solutions for your real-estate investment, whether you’re looking to rent it, keep it as a pied á terre, give it corporate use or simply make it your home.

We provide personalized attention to local residents and foreign investors in New York City‘s fascinating real estate market. We are available 24/7, sorting out any unforeseen inconvenience you may have at any time of day. 

Your property will be in the good hands of a team dedicated to covering your administrative needs, focused on maximizing the revenue of your investment, and obtaining a selection of invaluable resources. We’re a phone call away, at any time of day, finding solutions for anything from a malfunctioning microwave to a flood in your kitchen at 3am. 

1. Second home: No matter how far away you are, your apartment will always be in the best hands. Our qualified staff will make sure that your home is operating properly and ready to be rented; in perfect shape for your next visit to the city. With your consent, we will also take care of any type of payments that may need to be made, so to avoid any late fees. 


2. Solutions for renters at the right moment: Our team of maintenance professionals is available 24/7 to quickly attend to any unexpected situation.  


3. Collection of rent and bills payment: Every bill related to your apartment is revised. After rent collection we deduct any expenses and deposit the balance in your bank account. We then send you a corresponding report of all activity. 

4. Insuring your investment: We can help with the process of obtaining insurance for foreign investors, guaranteeing the most convenient policy for each client and the most competitive prices.


5. Other services: We have a reliable team of contractors and interior designers should you wish to change the look and feel of your space. We can recommend you professionals in fields of law and finance, whom we’ve worked with in the past. They can assist you with your tax return process or provide legal counseling.


New York real estate is coveted all over the world. We will help you maximize your investment by assisting you with every aspect of management for your property. All in a tailor-made way, designed especially to fulfill your needs and wants.




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